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Scamps Toffee is Scary Good!

by Scamps Toffee |


Scamps joining the Ligonier trick or treating tradition this year!

He’s going dressed as a chihuahua. Go with what you know, right? We agree. And while Scamps is keeping it simple, picking a persona each year is a challenging feat to take on! Whether you and your little ones are stuck between Brittany Spears and a perfect princess, or Spiderman and the incredible Hulk, we know one element of this holiday that you won’t have to think hard about… what sweets to hand out at the door. There’s really nothing that says Halloween in Ligonier like filling bags and pumpkin heads with Scamps Toffee — and we have a perfect size for you in our shop! Stop by this week to say hello and fill up on giveaway goodies…

or, just to get something sweet for yourself. We won’t tell 😉

See you all October 31 for the festivities!