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Scamps Toffee

Easter White Tin Basket


Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its way...  The perfect assortment, a basket full of Scamps Easter favorites that will have you hopping for joy!!  All wrapped up into one pretty gift, guaranteed to make you smile :)

What's Inside:

(1)-Toffee Duo 8oz - 4oz Belgian 72% dark chocolate toffee, 4oz Swiss milk chocolate toffee, California walnuts

(1)-Scamps POPS 7oz – air popped popcorn, toffee, drizzled Belgian 72% dark and white chocolate, Swiss milk chocolate, toasted California walnuts

(1)-Milk Chocolate Bunny 4oz - Swiss milk chocolate

(1)-Caramel Robin Eggs 4oz - caramel egg coated in dark chocolate and a candy shell

(1)-Peeps - 2 peeps with chocolate coated feet

(1)-Chocolate covered Oreos - 2 chocolate coated Oreos

(1)-49 Flavor Jelly Beans - sweet flavor packed

(1)-Filled Egg - Choose Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter or Dark Chocolate with Coconut


Easter White Tin Basket

Easter White Tin Basket