One Creamy Taste, You’re Taken…

Youā€™re only a few minutes away from pure bliss!Ā 

Back when my boys were young ā€” when we had a free Saturday or sleepy Sunday afternoon, we would take what seemed like the entire pantry and create mountainous ice cream sundaesā€” piled high with chocolate chips, toffee sauce, crunchy candies and salty nuts.Ā 

Then weā€™d take the leftovers and tuck them away in the freezer for another lazy day ā€” that way, whenever we were looking for a quick treat, we were only minutes away from a creamy creation.Ā 

Since then, the boys and I have found ways to elevate our sweet tooth traditions by using a few simple ingredients and of course, a homemade treat that can take you away with one tasteā€¦

Scamps Scrumptious Summer Sundae

An artist needs her paints:

Now, to form your masterpiece:

  • Using a traditional ice cream scoop, scoop 1 gallon of local ice cream into a large mixing bowl.
  • Place 16 oz of Scamps Toffee and 1 package of New England Bark into 1 gallon sized Ziplock freezer bag.
  • Seal it!
  • Using a mallet, lightly tap the candy until it is broken into small pieces.
  • Gently fold the toffee – chocolate mixture into the ice cream.
  • Open the Scamps Toffee Sauce and lightly heat so it pours into the large bowl easily with one hand, while gently folding the mixture with the other.


And voila! Once youā€™ve indulged in this creamy treat, scoop the remainder into freezable containers for an after dinner treat, weekend cool-down or naughty September indulgence.Ā To have these sundae toppings shipped right to your front door, orĀ sent to a friend as the perfect sweet gift ā€” visit us here! Ā Or you can visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for sweet recipes and scrumptious updates.

One taste, you’reĀ taken…


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Happy Labor Day XO Scamps

All natural + Preservative free + Gluten free = Scamps sweetness…

Scamps Toffee.
ā€¢All natural
ā€¢Preservative free
ā€¢Gluten free

One taste, youā€™re taken…🐾