Spring Has Sprung

March 22, 2014

spring sniff

Daffodils, crocuses, and blue sky days mean fairer weather’s on the horizon, and Scamp couldn’t be more pleased.

In the shop, it’s looking like Easter at every turn: jelly bean and spring mint barks in gorgeous pastels, Easter pails filled brimful with chocolate, and pretty paper mache eggs. The Easter Bunny gets all his best surprises at Scamps, and so can you. We’ll help you pick perfection, in store or over the phone.


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    Meet Amy, Our Creative Force

    February 27, 2014

    A while back, we introduced you to Debi, one half the Scamps Toffee team, and today we want to give Amy the same royal treatment. Since our business grew out of our friendship, it’s only fitting that we let you get to know us better, too. Settle in with a steamy cup of coffee and meet Amy: New York advertising exec-turned-organic farmer-turned-image designer for everyone’s favorite  boutique sweet shop.

     amy scamps

    Amy grew up in Springdale, PA, along the Allegheny River, but she’s no stranger to Ligonier. Back in high school, she attended steeplechase races here, but it’d be two decades before she found her way back. Adventure was calling.


    She attended college in Boston, dating Robert, whom she’d met in high school and would one day marry, but not then. They broke up, and Amy headed to Penn State before taking a job as an Auto Train attendant based in Winter Park, Florida. Her route went along the coast to and from Virginia until love led her to Princeton, and it was there she decided to pursue work in textiles.


    After researching all the great fabric companies, Amy headed off  to New York City and literally knocked on doors in what was then the West Side “Rag District”. Her tenacity and charm landed her a position with Liberty of London, where Amy helped them open their first United States retail venture on 60th St., next to Bloomingdales.


    Amy’s next job was with the textile company, Wamsutta, for whom she worked in advertising, overseeing sales promotion and public relations.  She traveled a great deal, doing radio and TV promotions and in-store demos. Later, she became the Vice President of Public Relations at Cannon Mills, where her job entailed creating a new image for the company, art direction, and hosting elegant and elaborate Manhattan soirees at places like Trump Towers and the Museum of Natural History, to name a few.


    Around that time, Robert reappeared in Amy’s life. He was in town on business, and they met up for drinks, like they had occasionally over the years. Their timing was finally right, and they were married, seventeen years after they’d first met at that basketball game her junior year (where she was selling candy!)


    There’s more to her story, of course, but it’s a romantic place to pause, don’t you think? We’ll share Amy’s return to Ligonier and her part in the genesis of Scamps Toffee  next time. 🙂

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      My Funny Valentine

      February 12, 2014


      Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and Scamps has just the thing to heat up your holiday! Our famous buttery toffees are a perennial favorite, and we’ve got red hot cinnamon Heart Bark, too, as well as luxe treats like creamy chocolate peanut butter hearts, chocolate covered pretzels, nonpareils, Jordan almonds, dipped Oreos, and more.

      Stop by our Ligonier sweet shop, and we’ll help you pick the perfect gift. You are always welcome to order online, too. Scamps Toffee is handmade with love, which makes us the natural one-stop shop for treating your loved ones like gold. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. Make it a good one!

      Amy, Debi, & Scamp


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