Scamps Toffee is Scary Good!

Scamps joining the Ligonier trick or treating tradition this year!

He’s going dressed as a chihuahua. Go with what you know, right? We agree. And while Scamps is keeping it simple, picking a personna each year is a challenging feat to take on! Whether you and your little ones are stuck between Brittany Spears and a perfect princess, or Spiderman and the incredible Hulk, we know one element of this holiday that you won’t have to think hard about… what sweets to hand out at the door. There’s really nothing that says Halloween in Ligonier like filling bags and pumpkin heads with Scamps Toffee — and we have a perfect size for you in our shop! Stop by this week to say hello and fill up on giveaway goodies…

or, just to get something sweet for yourself. We won’t tell 😉

See you all October 31 for the festivities!

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Two Locations!

Fort Ligonier Days


Find Your Perfect Toffee Pairing At Fort Ligonier Days

I just love fall. From the vibrant colors that fill the trees on East Main Street to the crisp morning air, this season has always been a favorite for me and my family. And while each autumn proves a unique experience, one thing has remained consistent, as sure as the leaves will fall, Fort Ligonier Days will illuminate our beloved town each October.

Scamps Marching in the Parade!

From cookies to coffee, live music and local art and of course “The Parade”; my sons and I spent hours exploring each taste, sight and sound of those special days in October. Every hand-crafted treat served as an inspiration for finding sweet new partners to marry with our toffee, and this year is no different! Whether you like to pair your dark chocolate Scamps Toffee with a rich glass of red wine or enjoy your Scamps milk chocolate Toffee tossed into a bowl with some crunchy kettle corn, this year’s Fort Ligonier Days vendors are coming in from across the state and they have a sweet (or savory) treat for all types of toffee lovers — here are some of our favorite potential pairings: 


Herold’s Original Kettle Corn – Butler, PA.
Sand Hill Berries — Mount Pleasant, PA.
Zeke’s Coffee — Pittsburgh, PA.
Myriam’s Table — Ligonier, PA.

We hope to see you on the diamond this weekend for another sweet year of Fort Ligonier Days! 

Please stop by and have a taste of toffee!

One taste, you’re taken…


219 E. Main Street

111 N. Fairfield Street


Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.