6 Months – 15% Savings


Take your taste buds on a delectable journey as you explore six of Scamps unique creations. From our hand dipped Swiss milk chocolate toffee, 64% cocoa bittersweet Belgian chocolate toffee. Warm rich buttery toffee sauce and a selection of our barks that travel from the east coast to the west, California, Burgh and New England.

One taste, you’re taken…


  • 8 oz  Dark Chocolate Toffee
  • 8 oz  New England Bark
  • 8 oz  Burgh Bark
  • 8 oz  Milk Chocolate Toffee
  • 8 oz  California Bark
  • 9 oz  Toffee Sauce
At the beginning of each month, a unique artisanal confection tied in our signature orange ribbon will be carefully packaged and delivered to the location of your choice for a flat 2 day priority. Shipping included.


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