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Keeping It Cool: Upgrades To Our Hot Weather Packaging

by Lauryn Halahurich |

We know you love our toffee, barks and popcorn and nothing makes us happier than delivering them right to your doorstep.

However, chocolate does not love high temperatures so over the past year, Scamps has been working diligently to come up with shipping packaging to tolerate the heat and arrive at your doorstep in a happy stable condition 😉

Insulation matters, but even insulation with ice packs can't handle a hot five day trip across the US.  That is why it is imperative we ship all of our packages two-day and during the hot weather months and ship only Monday - Wednesday.  This insures that your package does not sit in a hot truck or in a facility over the weekend and guaranteeing our products arrive in perfect condition. 

All insulations are not created equal.  Back in the summer of 2022 we ran a test on the insulation we currently used but were frusturated with.  We stuck a temperature tracker in one of our boxes and sent it to a friend in Texas. We uncovered that the temperatures inside our boxes were over 102 degrees over a three day trial and of course, all the product melted. 😱 

A lesson well learned, we met with specialist who helped us create a custom fitted insulation piece that lines our shipping box. The combination of insulation and ice act as a mini fridge keeping the interior product at an average temperature of 58-65.  Amazing when you think of those hot delivery trucks!

So, How Do We Pack and Keep Your Order Cold?

When we receive your order, our shipping manager, Mary Lee, checks the weather for your delivery address to determine the appropriate packaging. If the temperature at the destination is over 74 degrees, we add complimentary ice packs to your shipment.

First, we line the box with our packing insulation that's approximately one inch thick. Next, we place an ice pack at the bottom of the box, and place all the products being shipped in a large plastic bag, this prevents any condensation from the ice packs damaging your order. Third, we add a second ice pack and finally the last layer of thermal wrap is folded over and the box is taped shut on all seams.  The box is then ready for our shipping partner to pick up.

Some Things to Keep in Mind.

While we put a lot of effort into developing the best packaging solution for our products during the summer, there are a few limitations to keep in mind.

  • Order Deadlines in Summer: Our packaging keeps your products at the ideal temperature for about two days. During the summer, we limit our shipping days to Monday - Wednesday with a cutoff time at 12 pm. Orders not placed on those days will ship the following week on the next business day.
  • Excessive Heat Cutoff: Sometimes, the temperature gets too hot for us to  ship any products. In situations where the temperature at or to a destination is over 78 degrees, the package will be required to ship overnight, which means a shipping cost increase. If temperatures are over 89 degrees, the order won't ship until the temperature drops. Scamps Toffee will inform you if your packaging will be delayed as a result of temperatures.
  • Don't Let It Sit Out on the Porch: Once you order, please keep an eye out for email shipping notifications and updates. If you're unable to be at the shipping address, make sure someone is available to remove the package from the heat. The insulated packaging does an excellent job of keeping your order in stable condition but, we have no control over the box being left outside in direct sunlight or even shade on a hot summer day.  

For more information about our shipping, including current shipping pricing and other policies, click here.