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What Wine To Pair With Your Toffee

by Lauryn Halahurich |

When it comes to a romantic evening, nothing is more perfect than a lovely glass of wine and a delicious box of Scamps Toffee!  So what is the perfect pairing? 

Here are our some suggestions on the best wines to enjoy with your toffee.


Want to have a drink with some Milk Chocolate Toffee?

Try super dry German Riesling.

With our milk chocolate toffee, the best wine to enjoy it with is a super dry German Riesling. The creaminess of the Swiss milk chocolate and butteryness of our toffee is the perfect complement to this aromatic wine that is heavy with flavors of fruit, citrus and honeycomb.



What wine works well with our Dark Chocolate Toffee?

A Port Wine or a California Cabernet.

First, you can try a Port Wine. This pairing is perfect if you want a little bit of sweetness to offset the 72% bittersweet Belgian dark chocolate that envelopes our wonderful dark chocolate toffee. The deep rich flavor of plum, spices and dark cherries that are characteristic of Port Wine complement the bitterness of the dark chocolate and the butteryness of our toffee.

If you enjoy a bit more bitterness with your wine and toffee, the bold taste of a California Cabernet is the way to go, or anything with high tannins really. But the the ripe, mixed berry flavors with hints of vanilla, spices and cedar of a California Cabernet is a delightful drink to enjoy alongside our dark chocolate toffee.



What to pair with our White Chocolate Toffee?

An Oaky California Chardonnay.

Our hand-dipped white chocolate toffee can find no better partner then a lovely glass of Oaky California Chardonnay, especially if you have a sweet tooth. The sweet smoothness of our Belgian white chocolate and the rich buttery crunch of our toffee is a superb complement to the creamy and buttery flavors that are a hallmark of this type of wine.  The hints of vanilla, cedar, baking spices and smoke that make a home within an Oaky California Chardonnay also meld well with the simpleness of the white chocolate. A sweeter pairing couldn't be found.



What do you think? Did these pairings delight your taste buds? Let us know. And if you discovered your own favorite pairing, leave a comment. We'd love to taste it for ourselves.