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Why Candy And Sweets Are Better Than Swag for Corporate Gifts

by Lauryn Halahurich |

Looking for your company’s next corporate gift? Let us convince you why you shouldn’t go the normal route this year.

Do us a favor and think about how many times you’ve received company swag as a gift over the years? It could have been a nice and hearty pen. A stress ball. A hefty tumbler. Maybe even a comfy sweater or vest. All of them emblazoned with the company logo.

If done right, this type of corporate gift can be very thoughtful, but that isn’t always the case. It’s often done because it’s relatively easy for the company instead of being a good gift for the person receiving it. But, if you’re being honest, while you appreciate the gesture, doesn’t most of that swag tend to find its way into desk drawers, cupboards or closets, rarely to be used or enjoyed except maybe for company retreats.

“But swag is so easy, it builds brand awareness, and we buy is high quality items, so we’re fine.”  That can definitely be true, but if you’re buying the gift because it’s easy for you instead of it being a good choice, you may be hurting your reputation more than helping foster it.

However, there is one corporate gift you can give that almost no one can resist, is thoughtful but easy to give, and it will make both you and your clients happy.

Candy and sweets!


But why is candy a good corporate gift?

  1. Just About Everyone Enjoys Candy  There’s a reason Christmas stockings are filled with candy and Easter baskets are filled with chocolate. It’s a staple for gift giving that everyone will love. Whether clients eat a whole bag in one sitting or eat a few pieces each day as a treat, it will be something you know they will enjoy or can gift it themselves to someone who can.
  2. It’s A Consumable Gift – Remember how we said swag just ends up in drawers taking up space. Candy doesn’t do that. It’s enjoyed and then gone, leaving leaving them satisfied or wanting more. Both of which you can use to your advantage as a business to keep your clients happy and keep you top of mind. Think about it. If one of your vendors surprised you with a box of toffee after you said you loved it in the holiday basket, wouldn’t that make you want to keep working with them?
  3. Memory Is Tied to The Senses. A lot of human memory is based around smell and taste. While your competition sends out their boring swag gifts, you’re using psychology and neuroscience to create a positive association between candy and your company. That way, even if they buy the candy themselves, that particular taste will be associated with what you provide and it might just give them the reminder to reach out to you with a new project.
  4. Easy to Become A Tradition – Whether you’re gifting toffee, chocolate barks, caramels or lemon drops, if you pick the right sweet for your clients, they will beg you to send some each year and it will become a tradition.
  5. Saves You Time – Candy and sweets are the type of gift that you can keep giving every year and most people won’t complain. If you find a candy company that prides itself on quality and luxury like Scamps Toffee, you can now save the time and money it would take to research new corporate gift options every year. And who doesn’t like that?

Overall, associating your business with delicious candy is an easy call to make. Start your candy gifting tradition this year by ordering from Scamps Toffee. We offer high-end, luxe Belgian and Swiss chocolate covered one-of-a-kind walnut toffee that will be the best toffee they’ve ever had. 

But how will your clients know it’s from you?

“It has to match our brand!,” you say. 

Don’t worry, as a corporate client you can customize quite a few things on our toffee boxes to help match your company's style and add to the high touch, cohesive experience your clients are used to:

  1. Customized boxes: If you want the flare of a custom box front you can provide your own design or work with our in-house team to create one.
  2. Custom ribbons: We also carry 21 colors of satin ribbon. This ribbon is wrapped around our toffee boxes and can either feature our normal Scamps Toffee logo ribbon, or you can have custom rolls done with your own logo or message.
  3. Custom Cards: Along with boxes you can choose to have a 2x2 card included with each gift. Make the choice between one of our adorable cards with your custom message on the back or a fully custom card.


After you order from us once, if you keep the same card and box fronts, next year all you need to do is send us your updated mailing list with the custom messages  and we can get started on your order!

Learn more about our corporate gifting customization options here.

Scamps Toffee: One Taste, You’re Taken….