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Scamps Toffee

No Nut Milk Chocolate Toffee - Set of 4


Warm, rich, buttery toffee hand broken and enveloped in a traditional Swiss milk chocolate. It's the same delicious toffee, just without any walnuts!Each bite is a marriage made in sweet heaven.

This 4oz no-nut toffee bag multipack is great way to get your toffee fix!
Each set includes four - 4 oz bags of our milk chocolate no-nut toffee tied with a white Scamps Toffee ribbon.  Give them away or keep them all to yourself.......Scamps doesn't judge!

All natural, gluten-friendly and preservative free. .

One taste, you’re taken...

  • Swiss Milk Chocolate Toffee

Please note that while this toffee is nut free, our products are still processed on shared equipment with tree nuts, soy, and peanuts.


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No Nut  Milk Chocolate Toffee - Set of 4

No Nut Milk Chocolate Toffee - Set of 4