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A Brief History of Toffee - Happy Toffee Day!

by Kayleigh Ventrone |


Happy National Toffee Day! Obviously, Toffee Day is our FAVORITE holiday at Scamps. What’s not to love about a holiday celebrating our favorite sweet treat?

Grab your toffee and read along to learn more about our favorite sweet! 


Have you ever tasted toffee? 

Toffee is a surprisingly simple confection. Simply heat sugar with butter until they caramelize. After reaching the optimal temperature (typically around 285℉), the toffee is removed quickly from the heat and poured onto a flat surface. Of course, the end result is a buttery, delicious confection that is simply irresistible! 


Where did toffee come from?

It is thought that in the early 19th century, toffee was invented. Toffee found increasing popularity in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. This is often attributed to the fact that people in these countries had an abundance of sugar and butter at their disposal. What a great excuse to spend your time making sweets! 


English Toffee, American Toffee... toffee by any other name would taste as sweet!

American toffee? English toffee? What’s the difference? Traditionally, English toffee is a confection without nuts, whereas American toffee is mixed with a variety of nuts. Most often, American toffee uses almonds. Here at Scamps we use luscious, smooth California walnuts to finish our toffee!


What about Scamps? 

Now that you’re familiar with toffee, we’re sure you want to know what’s so special about our toffee? What’s not special about Scamps Toffee!

We wholeheartedly believe in our tagline “one taste, you’re taken”. We strive to craft our toffee with only the finest ingredients and lots of love! Every single piece of our buttery, warm toffee is hand broken and hand dipped into our imported Belgian dark, Swiss milk, or Belgian white chocolates. Finally our dreamy toffee is adorned with luscious California walnuts. It’s truly a match made in sweet, sweet heaven. We’re certain that after “one taste, you’re taken…”


Happy Toffee Day, Scamps Friends! Don’t forget to treat yourself to some delectable Scamps Toffee and remember “one taste, you’re taken”...