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Meet our Barks!

by Kayleigh Ventrone |

It is Bark Month at Scamps Toffee! Everyone knows our toffee, but you NEED to try our barks, and we’d like to take a moment to introduce them!


What is Bark? Chocolate barks coined their name due to their resemblance to tree bark, however this “tree bark” is edible and absolutely irresistible 😉. Our Barks are made of yummy slabs of top quality, dreamy Belgian dark, Swiss milk, or Belgian white chocolates, topped with your favorite nuts, fruits, and sweets to create an abundance of delightful treats.
Each bark is nostalgically named for the destinations that inspired them, connecting us to our Scamps friends across the country. Now, when our friends from Arizona or New England indulge on a bark, they get a taste of the iconic flavors inspired by their hometowns.



Arizona Bark was inspired by the painted deserts. The beautiful design of creamy  peanut butter plateaus and Swiss milk or Belgian  dark chocolate valleys mimic the natural beauty of the desert. A true landscape of the southwest!
Craving more?  Check out this recipe for Arizona Banana Bread Bark!


The Burg Bark was inspired by Pittsburgh, PA. We’re paying homage to the steel city with the best of Scamps: toffee, dark chocolate, AND milk chocolate. This bark features delicately broken toffee pieces and walnuts sandwiched between our rich Belgian dark chocolate and smooth mellow Swiss milk chocolate. Three Rivers of deliciousness!



California Bark was inspired by the warm weather of LA featuring some of California’s famous fruits and nuts! Dark Belgian chocolate, chopped roasted almonds and sun-kissed dried apricots combine for the ultimate in decadence. Add dried cherries with dark Belgian chocolate drizzle and you will be California dreamin' in no time!
Colorado Bark was inspired by the Rocky Mountains! Explore trails of cashews, brazil nuts, almonds, and pecans nestled in your choice of decadent dark Belgian or satisfying Swiss milk chocolate. Truly a Mile High, delicious delight!

Fairfield Bark was inspired by our current storefront! A little over a year and a half ago, Scamps moved to a new location on Fairfield Street! What better way to celebrate Scamps than with our classic toffee. This toffee bark is simple and sweet, featuring our buttery toffee poured over whole walnuts. Pure toffee decadence.



 Florida Bark was inspired by the warm, white sand beaches. Warm your senses with our creamy white Belgian chocolate, toasted coconut, chopped roasted almonds, tart cranberries with a dark Belgian chocolate drizzle. Don't forget your beach umbrella!


New England

New England Bark was inspired by New England’s iconic cranberry bogs and blueberry patches. Featuring, Swiss  milk chocolate, crunchy pecans, tart cranberries and the sweetest dried blueberries, this Bark combines the best of the  New England experience. It will make a real Yankee out of you!


North Pole

North Pole Bark was inspired by classic festive favors that are guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit; thinly poured dark chocolate drizzled with white chocolate, finished with crunchy peppermint bits.  A cool fresh blast from the North Pole and the PERFECT addition to any holiday soiree.



Seattle Bark was inspired by Seattle's most iconic flavor. What comes to mind when you think of Seattle? Coffee! Inspired by the famous coffee shops in the coffee capital of the world, we created the Seattle bark!  This bark features dark 72% bittersweet Belgian chocolate and even darker Jamaican Me Crazy coffee beans for a taste that's "oh so, Pacific Northwest".

 Craving more? Check out this recipe for Seattle cake!


Introducing…..Glacier Bay!


Who’s this 😱….Scamps Toffee has a BRAND NEW BARK for Bark’s month! Welcome, Glacier Bay Bark.
Our newest addition to the Bark’s family is inspired by Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park. The flow of the white chocolate is reminiscent of glacial rivers! This bark features Swiss milk chocolate layered with rice pops and 72%  bittersweet Belgian dark chocolate topped with glacial rivers of smooth Belgian white chocolate, tart dried cherries, and sprinkled with sea salt!
Happy Bark Month and don’t forget to stop by our 111 N. Fairfield Street location to get a free sample of our favorite barks!
What bark are you trying this month?