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Choosing a chocolate for Mom this Mother's day!

by Scamps Toffee |

Where would we be without our mothers? They love us, shape us, support us and grow us into the leaders that we are today. So, when it comes to celebrating and cherishing the role your mother plays in your life, Mother’s Day is the sweetest day to do it!

And chocolate, truly is the best way to show your appreciation. Whether she’s a fan of rich dark or creamy milk, any fine quality chocolate is sure to bring her those warm fuzzies in her special day.

But the real question is- how does one go about selecting that perfect sweet for mom? Any true choco-fanatic knows there’s a big difference between any normal chocolate of the grocery store shelf and a carefully-chosen chocolate gift!

What do we advise? Think about flavor. Some women prefer the intensity of dark chocolate while others prefer creamy milk varieties. And always... opt for quality. 

Whether you shop in a supermarket, a specialty store or online, you’ll soon see that chocolates come in a mind boggling variety of prices and flavors and it comes to chocolate, price is usually an indication of the quality you’re getting. Before you make the purchase... Think about your mom... for a moment.

Is she a fan of sweet wine, fruit, coffee, caramel, mint, nuts, orange or liqueurs? 

Is she generally adventurous when it comes to food or does she prefer classic combinations? That will tell you whether you can walk on the wild side with your choice of chocolate or if you should stick to the more classic combinations, like a Swiss milk chocolate.

Our final tip, think about the love!

We may live in a time of fast everything, but there is always a place for fine, hand-crafted sweets made with time, care and love. And when it comes to love, no one deserves it more than mom!