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Happy Ice Cream Day!

by Kayleigh Ventrone |

Happy Ice Cream Day!
We hope you’re celebrating with a big bowl of your favorite ice cream….topped with Scamps Toffee Sauce and Bits, of course 😉.
10 facts you probably didn’t know about ice cream!
  1. The average American eats 23 lbs of ice cream each year! Do you think you can beat the average?

  2. The tallest ice cream cone ever made stood at a whopping 10 FEET 🤯 Two men from Norway built this massive cone in 2015.

  3. The largest SCOOP of ice cream stands 5’6” tall and 6’2” wide. The ice cream brand, Kemps, took on this project in 2014, ultimately securing the world record for largest scoop of ice cream.

  4. How many licks does it take to finish an ice cream cone? Apparently, the answer is 50 licks, and, yes, we’re jealous of the person who tested this.

  5. Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor in the world. You can’t beat a classic!

  6. In New Zealand, the second most popular ice cream flavor is “hokey pokey”. This vanilla ice cream is infused with toffee chunks…Are you craving ice cream and toffee? You can always grab our toffee sauce and bits to make your own!

  7. When ice cream was initially invented the main ingredient was, in fact, ice. Now, most ice creams use a milk or milk substitute base.

  8. Ice cream became available to the general public in 1660, when Café Procope, a cafe in Paris, began serving it.

  9. Despite ice cream being around for CENTURIES, the waffle cone has only been around since 1904. These cones were invented at the World’s Fair when an ice cream vendor ran out of traditional cones. A nearby waffle vendor helped him create the iconic waffle cone. Boy, are we glad that he ran out of cones that day!

  10. Harry Burt founded the first ice cream truck business in 1920! Burt, of Youngstown, OH, created a frozen ice cream treat on a stick called the Good Humor Bar and sold them out of his ice cream truck!

What was your favorite Ice Cream Day Fact?