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How to be the Ultimate Gift Giver: Step 1

by Scamps Toffee |

Step One: Think "Moments" over "Money"

Gifting is as much about the intentionality behind the gift as it is about the price tag! We’ve come up with a three check system to make sure that you will give a delightful gift every time!

  1. Your Personal Relationship (the why)
  2. Your presentation (the how)
  3. The recipients Pleasure (the what)

Your Personal Relationship - The Why: 

Think about your relationship with the recipient, then write down three to five moments in your relationship that really jump out to you. For example, these moments could be the first time you met (romantic), the time you shared incredible conversation and wine on the beach, or maybe an adventure  like when you were on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras!

Helpful tip: Think about experiences, not just the moments!

After you have this down, write down Three-Five passions or interests of the recipient. For example...

  • Are they a dog lover?
  • How about a Sex and the City fanatic (hint… we are :))?
  • Do they love viniculture?
  • How about a certain music genre?
  • What’s their style (Take some ideas from their own home / what they wear if you can – as this will tell you a lot about what they like)?
  • Do they have a favorite snack or indulgence?
  • Have they told you they planned to buy something for themselves at some point and maybe never bought it?
  • When they shop, what types of items are they drawn to (this often reflects their type of interests)?

Presentation and Pleasure - The How and The What :

After you have this list in front of you, look for similarities and try to find some common ground! Did you both meet in a coffee shop in New York City and does she happen to be a fan of Sex and the City?

For example, you could have a showing party with a Sex and the City coffee mug that's sleek and clean (just what she likes) finished off with some chocolate (because you know she has a sweet tooth, but doesn’t like to admit it). This is a great example of how to put together an experience! That's what we are going for!

We hope this beginning to our newest series has begun to shift your thinking about gift giving from mere “purchasing” to a delightful planning experience! The moment in which we receive a gift is brief, but the impression that it could have on your friend or loved one could be lasting. 

Compiling the feelings, moments and shared interests between you and a loved one allows you, as the gift giver, to see a better picture of WHAT the gift should be. Which leads us the second step, presentation!

Stay tuned…