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Ultimate Guide to Gift Giving: Step 2

by Beth Wallace |

Step Two: Think in "Layers"

Okay, you have your gift idea, now what? It’s ALL about the presentation. You can jazz up anything to make it more personal and delightful for the recipient! 

Helpful Tips: Think about gifts having layers; More layers = more memorable

Some questions to get you thinking about presentation:

  • What is their favorite color(s)?
  • Do they like surprises? (most everyone does)How is it to be presented?
  • Is it going to be presented in a box, a gift bag, with a little ribbon or bow (It seems like boxes are the best way to present, with a bow and ribbon)?
  • Should it be presented before or after dinner?
  • Some people like to hear the story behind how you came up with your gift and others like it to be a mystery. How does your loved one think?

Here are some examples to help:

  • A gift card to the recipient’s favorite spa, because you know they’ve been talking about going (layers) packaged in a beautiful box with a ribbon and in a box (more layers). Inside that box is a Spanish set of playing cards as you met in Spain (even more layers). In the set of cards is your “gift card (presentation).”


  • A dog lover who also loves confectionaries and cute packaging? Dogs can’t eat chocolate, so a confectionary with adorable packaging and a dog as the 'mascot' is perfect.  The box adorned with an adorable mascot (layers) and a beautifully tied bow (more layers), and inside is pink tissue paper (even more layers). The toffee is the final part of the gift giving process (pleasure).

Stay tuned for the most important... pleasure