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When Should You Start Ordering Corporate Gifts?

If you’re looking up this article, you’re probably the one handling corporate gifting. Good on you for thinking ahead about when to order! Being on top of this process will make everything smoother and lead to less stress for you and your team. While we can’t speak for every business that specializes in business gifting, at most companies, the earlier you can place your order, the better. Whoever you decide to order from can always hold off packaging and shipping orders, but building in a time buffer for large orders with customizations is always appreciated. When it comes to ordering from Scamps Toffee, during most of the year, the lead time will vary based on your level of customization. Ordering our signature orange or white holiday boxes with our pre-made cards will be faster than having custom packaging and card fronts done.  Really, when you need to order will depend on your deadline. At the moment we offer toffee boxes, gift boxes and box towers for corporate clients. Click here to view our corporate gifting page. TIMELINE FOR ORDERING SIGNATURE PACKAGING Ordering our signature packaging is the simplest and quickest way to order. If you’re on a short deadline, this is your best option. You can still add a custom message to each card, you’ll just want to use one of our pre-designed cards. For this type of order, we’ll need a lead time of about 10 days ahead of when you’d like the gifts to arrive.  TIMELINE FOR ORDERING CUSTOM PACKAGING When it comes to custom packaging, Scamps Toffee offers a few different options including: customized boxes, custom cards, and custom ribbons.  Customized boxes and cards are done by our in-house designer. As long as you provide and/or approve the designs we create in a timely manner it should only add an additional week to your shipping timeline. If you’re looking to have custom ribbons done with your logo or message, please add another two to three weeks to your timeline. This allows for the custom ribbons printed and sent to us. TIMELINE FOR ORDERING DURING WINTER HOLIDAYS As you know, the winter holidays are the busiest times of year for many companies. That includes us and our shipping partners. If you’re ordering for the holidays, the earlier you order the better. Placing orders by the beginning of November is highly recommended, especially if you are considering many customizations. Custom ribbons must be ordered by November 15. But what if you discovered us last minute and know we’re the perfect gift for your clients or employees?  Give us a lead time of at least two weeks before the deadline you’re sending the gift out for. Whether that is an upcoming event you're hosting  or gifts for holiday like Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Easter, etc. That gives our team time to prep your order, print any custom labels or packaging, and send out your order with some leeway for any shipping delays around the holiday. For Christmas, our cut off for on-time delivery is December 18th.