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History of Valentine's Day and Valentine's Cards

We're seeing hearts in our eyes over Valentine's Day. The colors and the imagery make it one of our favorite holidays at Scamps. What's better than a holiday that shares LOVE? Show the one you love how much you care, with a box of delicious toffee on Valentines Day.   HISTORY OF VALENTINE'S DAY Valentine's Day is most likely an offshoot from Lupercalia (February 15) which was a Roman matchmaking and coupling celebration that hope to ward off evil spirits and infertility. Over time, the more pagan aspects of the holiday fell out of popularity. Eventually becoming Valentine's Day as we know it. A few different legends popped up surrounding the life of Saint Valentine. The most common one says that a man named Valentine was executed by a Roman Emperor for secretly marring Christian couples. The first written celebration of Valentine's Day is by Chaucer in a poem around 1382 referring to Mid February when birds (and humans) select their mates: "For this was on seynt Valentynes Day, Whan every foul ther to chese his make" VALENTINE'S DAY CARDS The oldest Valentine was a poem composed in French in 1415 by Charles Duke of Orleans to his wife, which he sent while imprisoned in the Tower of London. He wrote "Je suis desja d’amour tanné, Ma tres doulce Valentinée" which translates to "I am already sick of love, my very gentle Valentine" In 1847, Esther Howland received a Valentine that was decorated with lace and had colored flowers pasted on it. Deciding she could do better, she created a dozen samples. Her designs were immensely popular, to the point that she created an assembly line and her girls were paid liberally. She is considered the "Mother of the American Valentine" as all other valentines were imported from Europe at the time.   Hallmark began printing their own Valentine's Day cards in 1916 after a fire destroyed their inventory. Color was applied by hand until around 1930 when lithography was invented. We all have cherished memories of Valentine's Day in one way or another. It could be the first one with the person you married, or that fond memory of getting one from your crush in school. Just always remember, Valentine's Day is about expressing your love to another.   Make sure you check us out next week, we're sharing printable valentines that you can make at home!